Monilinia infection April 27 or 28 in Midcoast and Hancock

I have reports of Monilinia cups and pinheads in Midcoast, Hancock and Washington county fields.  The reports are the plants in these areas are at F2 or beyond.   I think  Monilinia cups are present and plants are susceptible in most blueberry fields except the latest developing fields.  There were conditions for Monilinia infection in fields with weather stations in Midcoast counties and Hancock county.

The rain forecast for tonight, Thursday April 29,  through Friday April 30th will produce conditions for Monilinia infection in most fields except the latest developing fields.  If you have a late developing field, I suggest checking your plant development since we are having an early spring.

If you applied fungicides between  April 18 (10 days ) to April 21 (7 days) your plants were probably protected during this last infection period. Most fungicides offer protection for 7 days and many for 10 days (please check your label for interval of application).   If you did not apply fungicides yet,  you can apply a fungicide with some kickback activity today, Thursday April 29, or Saturday, May 1 you may prevent some of the infection to your plants.

Please let me know how your mummy berry plots are doing.

Location Start of possible infection period
Waldoboro April 28 6pm
West Rockport April 28 6pm
Hope/Appleton April 28 6pm
Searsport none due to lack of rain, but temperature sensor acting up
Blue Hill none
Ellsworth/ Hancock April 28 7:30pm
Aurora none
Eastbrook April 27 noon
Steuben none
Deblois none
Montegail none
Whiting/East Machias none
Crawford none