Monilinia infection at all weather stations fall April 2021

There were Monilinia infection conditions detected in fields  where we have a weather station across blueberry growing areas in Midcoast and Downeast.  I suspect there are Monilinia cups in all of these fields,  and the plants are susceptible.

Most infection periods started in the evening of Thursday April 29th and continued through the night and into today, Friday April 30th. There is rain forecast for Monday May 3rd through Tuesday May 4th and will likely cause Monilinia infection in many fields.

If you have applied fungicides after April 19th (10 days) or April 22 (7 days), your plants were probably protected during this infection period.  If your plants were not protected, you have until the evening of May 2nd to apply a fungicide with some kickback to provide some protection against infection.

Location Start of possible infection period on April 29
Waldoboro 5:20pm
West Rockport 4:50pm
Hope/Appleton 6:30pm
Searsport 8pm
Blue Hill 7:40pm
Ellsworth/ Hancock 6:20pm
Aurora 8:30pm
Eastbrook 4/27 noon -wet since
Steuben 8:10pm
Deblois 8:40pm
Montegail 8:40pm
Whiting/East Machias 9:10pm
Crawford 10:50pm