Monilinia infection some locations May 4 to 5th

Monilinia infection conditions were likely present in many fields (see table below).   Monilinia cups are still around fields in the Midcoast areas and Downeast but we may be getting near the end in the Midcoast.  Please check your mummy berry plots if you are in those areas and let me know how your plots are doing.  There may be another infection period starting this afternoon (Wednesday) through Thursday and a slight chance of more infection periods in some locations over the weekend.

If you  applied fungicides after April 24th (10 days) or April 27th (7 days) your plants will probably be protected for this infection period.  If you have not applied fungicide, you can apply a fungicide with some kickback activity by May 7th evening to possibly decrease infection.   Please follow the fungicide recommendations for 2021 and read the fungicide label.  Many materials have limits on the number of applications that can be applied per year.  Rotating fungicides is also a good strategy to decrease the risk of resistance developing in the target fungus.

Location  Start of possible infection period
Waldoboro May 5 5:40am
West Rockport May 3 3:30pm; May 4 7:30pm; May 5  5:20am
Hope/Appleton May 5 5:40am
Searsport May 5 7am
Blue Hill none
Ellsworth/ Hancock May 5 6:10am
Aurora none
Eastbrook May 5 6:30am
Steuben May 4 7:40pm
Deblois none
Montegail none
Whiting/East Machias none
Crawford none