Possible Monilinia infection and cold temperatures in some fields May 12 to 14th

Active mummy berry cups were seen in a few fields (Liberty and near Deblois) earlier in the week. I expect this week is the last of mummy berry season for many fields unless they are late developing fields.  There were conditions for  Monilinia infections recorded at weather stations in Eastbrook, Steuben, and Montegail on May 12th or 13th.   If you applied fungicides after May 2 to May 5th (10days to 7 days), your plants were probably protected.  Unless you have a late developing field, it may not be worthwhile to apply fungicides for mummy berry control at this time.  I doubt there will be any serious Monilinia infection this weekend in most fields.  If you do have a late developing field, I suggest checking your mummy berry plot to see if the  fungus is still active.

There were cold temperatures (below 35F) recorded at weather stations in a number of fields.  These temperatures are just at one point in the field and may vary a great deal at other areas of the field.   Whether these temperatures had an effect upon your plants will be determined by the stage of plant development (plants in bloom are more sensitive to cold) and sensitivity of individual clones.

Location  Possible Monilinia infections  Cold temperatures (<35F)
Waldoboro none none
West Rockport none none
Hope/Appleton none none
Searsport none none
Blue Hill none 5/13 4 hours, coldest 31.5F
Ellsworth/ Hancock none 5/13 5 hours, coldest 29.6F
Aurora none 5/13 5.5 hours, coldest 26.7F; 5/14 2 hours, coldest 32.4F
Eastbrook 5/12 2:30am, 5/13 10pm 5/13 6 hours, coldest 26.7F
Steuben 5/13 6:40pm 5/13 2 hours, coldest 29F
Deblois none 5/12 8 hours coldest 25F, 5/13 6.5hours coldest 30.4F
Montegail 5/13 6:40pm 5/13 2.5 hours coldest 30.9F
Whiting/East Machias none none
Crawford none none