Botrytis risk May 20th to 24th and cold temperatures May 24th

Some fields had conditions for Botrytis infections over the last weekend from May 20th to May 24th.   If your field already had Botrytis disease before this weekend, then there was a chance of more Botrytis infection occurring under these weather conditions.  If you did not have any visible disease, then the risk of infection was minimal no matter what the weather conditions.

There were also some fields that experienced colder temperatures last night, May 24th.   The effect of these temperatures will depend upon what stage of bloom your plants were. Any temperature that was below 35F is reported since the weather stations are at only one location in a field and there may have been colder temperatures elsewhere in the field.  None of the temperatures recorded at the weather stations were below 30F which is typically not a temperature that damages blueberry flowers, but for some cold sensitive blueberry clones these temperatures may have been low enough temperatures to cause damage.

Location  Botrytis risk from 5/21 to 5/24 Cold temperatures (<35F) May 24 morning 
Waldoboro high none
West Rockport none none
Hope/Appleton medium 4:30am to 6am lowest temp. 34.7 F
Searsport very high 12am to 6am 31F
Blue Hill minimal 4:40am to 5:20am 34.2F
Ellsworth/ Hancock low 4:20am to 6am, 33.4F
Aurora low 4:50am to 5:20am, 31.1F
Eastbrook very high 5am to 5:50am , 34.2 F
Steuben medium 4:50am to 5:20am 33.4F
Deblois minimal 12:50am to 4:40am 31F
Montegail low 3:30am to 3:50am 34 F
Whiting/East Machias medium none
Crawford minimal 4:40am to 5:20am 34F