Mummy berry report for April 15, 2022: possible infection in midcoast


In early fields in Midcoast there may have been Monilinia infection over the past couple of days.  There were weather conditions for infection reported from weather stations in Waldoboro, Warren, Hope and Searsport  from the late afternoon (3pm to 5pm) of Wednesday April 15 to Friday April 15 morning.

On April 13th, I had a report of approximately 30% of stems with F2 (susceptible) flower buds in Waldoboro and about 20% in Searsport fields. Other fields in Warren, West Rockport and Hope were lower with approximately 15% of F2 flower buds. Mummy berry plots had cups in Waldoboro and Searsport, and West Rockport had pinheads so the mummy berry fungus is progressing.

If you have an early field with flower buds at about 30 to 40% F2 and a history of mummy berry, there may have been an infection period in your field.

Please reference the 2022 Fungicide Chart for product options AND if you send your berries to a processor, please check with your processor on allowed fungicides in the market for your berries.

Some fungicides, propiconazole and fenbuconazole, have some activity to control very early infections.  If you apply these fungicides in approximately 72 hours from the start of an infection period, you may get some control.  Applying fungicides as protectants is a more reliable method to ensure you have protection of your plants before infection periods.


I have reports of fields in Downeast (Hancock and Washington counties) just starting to get bud swell with most buds in F1 (bud scales just separating).   A few buds are at F2 depending upon the field. No mummy berry germination was seen in mummy berry plots in Hancock or Washington counties except a few pinheads in Whiting/East Machias earlier in the week.

Please let me know how your plants and mummy berry plots are progressing.