Mummy berry report for Friday April 22, 2022


Fields in Waldoboro, Warren, West Rockport, Hope and Searsport had more than 30% F2 (crown stage) flower buds.  Cups and pinheads were seen in Waldoboro, Warren, West Rockport and Searsport and are expected to be in most fields in this area.  Please check your fields.  Most fields, unless they are a late field, are likely susceptible to Monilinia infection.


Fields in Sedgewick, Eastbrook, Montegail pond, and Jonesboro (Blueberry hill research Farm) and other fields in the southern barrens are reported to have  at least 30% of their flowers at F2. Fields closer to Hwy 9 were not as far along.  Pinheads and cups were seen in Eastbrook fields and around the barrens.  With the warm weather in the forecast over the weekend, I suspect many slower fields will get close to 30% F2 by Monday.

Mummy berry risk 

Rain is not forecast until Tuesday April 26 next week in most blueberry areas in Maine. It is then forecast to rain for multiple days and will likely result in  Monilinia infection conditions over multiple days.  Long enough fog events (see Mummy berry risk fact sheet) can cause Monilinia infection but dew is typically not on the plant long enough to cause infection.

You may want to apply fungicide (if you use fungicides) to protect your plants before this rain event if you have sprayed your plants before April 17th or you have not already applied fungicides. Please reference the 2022 Fungicide Chart for product options.

The data from the blueberry weather stations on weather, current and past, and risk of past Monilinia infection and frost are available on the  Agrinet website (only through the Chrome browser) and through an Android and an iOS app. Information on how to get the app or onto the website along with the login is here AgriNet

Please let me know how your plants and cups are doing. Thank you, Seanna