Monilinia infection April 27th to April 28th

There was another infection event in all weather stations fields which are working except in Warren.  I suspect most fields with over 30% F2 or higher flower buds did experience conditions for another infection event starting in the afternoon to the evening of April 27th to sometime on April 28th.

If you applied fungicides after April 17th (10 days) or April 20th (7days) then your plants were probably protected during this rain event. Most fungicides are effective from 7 to 10 days after application depending upon the particular fungicide and how much rain they have been exposed to.   The longer time period would be applied if there had been little rain in the previous 10 days.

In Downeast fields, there likely will be another infection period with the rain occurring today and forecast to continue through Friday April 29th.

Location  Report on MB plot  Infection period starting Wed. 4/27 
Waldoboro cups 1pm
Warren cups no?
Hope none, bad plots? 2:20pm
Liberty cups 1:30pm
Searsport cups probably yes, station down
Ellsworth cups 6pm
Eastbrook cups 7pm
Blue hill/ Sedgewick no plot probably yes, station infrequent
Aurora no plot probably yes, station down
Steuben cups 8pm
Deblois cups 7pm
Montegail cups probably yes,  station down
BBHF cups 5:30pm
Whiting/E. Machias cups probably yes, leaf wetness monitor down
Crawford ? 3pm