Mummy berry season will be starting soon April 18, 2023

The flower buds have moved along quickly with the warm weather we have had over the past few days.  I have reports of flowers at F2 to some early clones at F3 stage in both the midcoast and downeast.
I have no reports of Monilinia pinheads or cups from midcoast or downeast yet.  I expect cups to start developing with the rain we got overnight.   Please let me know if you have any mummy berry plots out.  I had to scramble to find mummies and get plots put out last fall.  I am concerned the quality of the mummies was not the best so any other information would be great!
We will be setting up weather stations this week and hope to get most of them up by the end of the week.
Please check with your processor if you will be applying fungicides to control mummy berry.  You may find it difficult to get some pesticides this year.  Not all companies have agreed to get all of their pesticides registered in Maine this year.  We still have lots of options of materials for controlling mummy berry and leaf spots.
If you have any information or want to be taken off of this list, email me back or call me at 207-581-2621.
Thank you