Possible Monilinia infection periods from April 23 to April 25, 2023

There were or are conditions for Monilinia infection periods in all functioning weather stations locations from Sunday to today.  In many areas, the leaves have been wet since Sunday night.  Please see the table below for possible start times for infection periods in your area.  Whether you had an infection period depends upon how far along your plants have developed and if there are open mummy berry cups in your area.  I have had no new reports of cups but I expect they have opened up in many areas with the mild weather this weekend.  If you have a mummy berry plot, I would like to hear from you.

Please check your plants to see if they are approximately 30 to 40% of the flower buds at F2.  This means looking across your field at what stages the buds are at.  The best method is to collect 20 stems across the field and count the buds at the different stages.

Unfortunately it looks like this wet weather will continue through the week.  I expect there will be more development of cups and more conditions for Monilinia infection throughout this week.

Location Possible Infection periods 4/23 to 4/25 9am
Waldoboro 4/23 9:20pm to now
W. Rockport 4/23 9:20pm to now
Appleton 4/23 10:50pm to now
Liberty 4/23 11pm to now
Searsport station down
Ellsworth 4/23 8pm to 4/24 12 pm, 4/24 4:40pm to now
Eastbrook 4/24 6:50pm to now
Blue hill/ Sedgewick station down
Aurora 4/23 9:30pm to now
Steuben 4/24 7:40pm to now
Deblois 4/24 9pm to now
Montegail station not out yet
BBHF 4/24 10pm to now
Whiting/E. Machias borderline 4/22 11pm to 4/23 9:50am,  4/24 10pm to 4/25 9am
Crawford 4/24 9pm to now