Possible Monilinia infection periods from April 25 to April 27

I have reports of cups and pinheads around the barrens in Hancock and Washington counties, including township 24 and 25. I expect most areas now have active cups unless the field is a later developing one. The blueberry plants are susceptible until the cups start to dry up and finish in your field.

We had conditions for infections periods from April 24th to April 27 in fields with weather stations (please see table below). Some of the wet conditions that started on April 23rd continued for two to three days. Last night, April 26th to April 27th, many field downeast were too cold to have infection periods.

We will be having more wet weather in wild blueberry areas from Saturday through Monday and I expect this will again cause conditions for Monilinia infection.

Location Mummy berry Cups? Possible infection conditions
Waldoboro probably, no report 4/23 to 4/26
W. Rockport probably, no report 4/23 to 4/26, 4/26 3:50pm to now
Appleton cups and pinheads 4/23 to 4/25, 4/25 9pm to 4/26 9 am
Liberty probably 4/23 to 4/25, 4/25 9pm to 4/26 8:30am
Searsport probably, no report not working, likely similar to Liberty and Ellsworth
Ellsworth probably, no report 4/24 2:20pm to 4/25 9am, 4/25 10pm to 4/26 9:30am
Eastbrook no mummy berry plot 4/25 11am to 4/26 11am
Blue hill/ Sedgewick no mummy berry plot not working, likely similar to Ellsworth
Aurora no mummy berry plot 4/25 10:40pm to 4/26 10:10am
Steuben cups and pinheads 4/24 7:40pm to 4/25 10:10am, 4/25 9:50am to 4/26 8:20am
Deblois probably, no report 4/24 9pm to 4/25 9:40am
Montegail cups and pinheads not out yet, likely similar to rest of barrens
BBHF, Jonesboro cups and pinheads borderline 4/25 11pm to 4/26 8:30am
Whiting/E. Machias cups and pinheads 4/25 3:10am to 4/25 6:30pm, borderline 4/26 2:50am to 12:20pm
Crawford probably, no report 4/24 8pm to 4/26 9:20am