Food Service Positions

Image of the kitchen includes stove front, Island and dishwasherOur food service team is  the heart of our summer camp, where food is more than just nourishment—it’s an essential part of the camp experience!

As a food service member, you’ll play a vital role in preparing, cooking, and serving delicious meals for up to 120 individuals. Collaborate with a supportive team, ensuring a seamless culinary operation. Emphasizing safety and cleanliness, you’ll create an environment where everyone can savor the joys of camp life.

We value previous cooking experience, but above all, we’re seeking individuals eager to contribute to a positive work atmosphere. Recognizing that camp food is the heartbeat of any organization, we invite candidates who understand the significance of their role in creating memorable dining experiences.

Flexibility in scheduling is required during our school season (Spring and Fall) during the summer months the schedule will be set. 

With a diverse menu, your culinary expertise will be put to the test, making knowledge of varying diets beneficial. However, if you’re willing to learn, we welcome you to join our team.

In this summer camp setting, your attitude is paramount. As you work closely with campers and staff, maintaining a camp-appropriate demeanor is a constant requirement. We prioritize finding the right fit over extensive experience.

Are you ready to be a vital ingredient in the success of our camp’s culinary experience? Apply now and become part of a team that not only creates fantastic meals but also fosters a positive and enjoyable environment!

Positions currently available for our am shift Spring, summer and Fall seasons.  For more information, please reach out by emailing or giving a call directly.

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To apply you will need to create a profile and application through the University of Maine’s Hiretouch program.  Once you account has been created please upload the following materials.

  • A cover letter that describes your experience, interests, and suitability for the   position.
  •  A resumer / curriculum vitae.
  • Contact information for three professional references.