The Harvest for Health Initiative


“Eating is an agricultural act.”  -Wendell Berry

The Harvest for Health (H4-H) Initiative at Bryant Pond 4-H Camp and Learning Center brings the connections between healthy people, a healthy environment, and strong local economies to life for over 4000 people each year.  A visit to Bryant Pond 4-H Center for Summer Camp, a Lakeside Classroom school program, or one of our workshop offerings for adults, includes rich hands-on experience in gardening and composting, small animals, locally sourced food, gardening and foraging, hunting and fishing and much more!


Food Corps at Bryant Pond:  Meet Sasha Lennon, Bryant Pond 4-H Center’s Food Corps Member.  Food Corps is a national Americorps program with the goals of increasing access to healthy local foods, and teaching the skills of gardening, food preparation and preservation.  Sasha, a graduate of Bates College, works in several area schools and manages our extensive camp gardens and small animals.