Mainely Dish Recipe Video: Oatmeal, Strawberry, Banana Smoothie

With only 6 simple ingredients this is a delicious and refreshing smoothie recipe to keep on hand this summer. I love to use frozen fruit in smoothies because it makes the smoothie cold and helps thicken it to a perfect consistency. Depending on your smoothie flavor, fresh, canned, frozen, or a combination of all fruit variations can be used to make a nutritious smoothie.

When I am making a smoothie I ask myself three things:

  1. Will this help nourish my body?
  2. Will this keep me feeling full until my next meal or snack?
  3. How many food groups can I incorporate into my smoothie?

By focusing on incorporating as many food groups as possible into my smoothie I reach my goals of nourishing my body and keeping myself full, I also focus on including protein and fiber to help with this. 

As a reminder, the 5 MyPlate food groups are fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, and dairy.

This recipe includes:

  • Fruits – banana and strawberries (fiber source)
  • Grains – oats (fiber source)
  • Dairy – milk and yogurt (protein source)

What food groups are missing? Protein and vegetables. Although there isn’t a specific protein source listed, the dairy foods both provide great sources of protein. A simple way to incorporate a vegetable into your smoothie is by adding fresh or frozen greens such as spinach. 

There are many smoothie recipes out there, and I have tried many combinations. There are many that I love, and some recipes that I wasn’t a huge fan of. That’s the best part about smoothies, you can experiment by adding or taking out ingredients that you love or don’t like as much. 

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By Alex Gayton, Nutrition Education Professional