Mainely Dish: Carrot Fries

— By Alex Gayton, Assistant EFNEP Coordinator & Social Media Coordinator, Expanded Food Nutrition and Education Program (EFNEP), University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Visit EFNEP’s recipe website for the Carrot Fries recipe and recipe video.

You might be skeptical about fries that aren’t made from potatoes, but trust me, from someone who also loves potato fries, these Carrot Fries are crispy and delicious. The best part about the recipe is that there are only four ingredients. The seasonings used in this recipe are cumin and salt but if you have a different flavor preference try your favorite seasonings. I used rainbow carrots when I made this recipe because the bold colors are fun and surprising to kids and adults, but you can also use regular orange carrots instead. The main difference between roasting and baking food is the temperature. Roasting food requires the oven to be at a higher temperature than baking. Baking also changes the structure of the food as it cooks, for example, baking bread or cookies. Once the baking process is done the bread or cookie turns into a solid form and will look different than when it started uncooked. Roasting is a way to cook food and make the outside of the food crispy while still maintaining the solid structure of the food. For the Carrot Fries recipe and other recipes that require roasting vegetables it is best to spread out the food items on the pan versus crowding them because this helps to release the steam and prevents the carrots from turning soft and mushy.

Orange carrots are a great source of vitamin C, fiber, and carotene, which converts to Vitamin A and helps with vision and the immune system. Did you know that the most commonly seen orange carrots were actually not the first carrot color, they first were actually white, yellow, and purple!