Dilly Beans for Your Pantry

— By Kathy Savoie, Extension Professor, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Make the most of the upcoming bounty of green beans from your garden or local farm by preserving dilly beans! Dilly beans are typically pickled green beans, but you can also use any other variety of bush/pole beans like yellow or purple beans. The purple beans will lose their vibrant color once heated and exposed to the acidic pickling brine. Dilly beans are by far the most popular and sought out item I preserve. Consider this: a jar of my dilly beans was the most coveted gift in a holiday Yankee Swap…that is really saying something!

The most time-consuming part of making dilly beans is filling the jars with washed and pre-cut beans. I strongly recommend using wide mouth pint jars to ease this step. We’ve created a *new* time-lapsed Dilly Bean video to walk you through all of the steps and techniques for making dilly beans safely at home. The recipe for Pickled Dilly Beans can be found at the National Center for Home Food Preservation website. Enjoy the bean bounty!