Mainely Dish: Turkey Apple Sausage Patties

— By Kayla Parsons, PhD student, RDN, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Visit the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program’s recipe website for the Turkey Apple Sausage Patties recipe and recipe video.

There’s nothing better than a breakfast that hits multiple flavor profiles. This Mainely Dish Turkey Apple Sausage recipe is sweet and savory, encapsulating the feeling of fall when you taste the combination of apples, nutmeg and fresh sage. This easy-to-follow recipe is a great way to add in additional protein to your usual breakfast. My favorite way to use this recipe is to crumble the cooked sausages into a frying pan with scrambled eggs and spinach, and eat on a slice of whole wheat toast with whatever fruit I have in my fridge on the side. There’s also something nice about finding a new apple recipe in the fall, because let’s be honest, we all probably picked way too many apples last weekend at our local apple orchard.

Don’t have a designated apple peeler at home? All you need is a paring knife. After washing your hands and the apples, hold the paring knife in your dominant hand. Beginning at the stem of the apple, press the knife away from you and against the apple skin. Rotate the apple with your opposite hand, and the skin will then peel off like a ribbon. This skill takes practice and there’s no harm if some peel is still on the apple prior to shredding.