Mainely Dish: Roasted Vegetables

— By Kayla Parsons, RDN and PhD Student, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

It’s hard to beat the aromatic smell of vegetables roasting, while you’re enjoying a cozy day inside during Maine’s cold winter. EFNEP’s Mainely Dish: Roasted Vegetables Recipe is an easy way to accomplish that sense of warmth, resulting in an appetizing side to any holiday meal. The multiple root vegetables in this recipe creates an earthy flavor with familiar undertones of roasted bell pepper. Seasoning with garlic (fresh or powdered), oregano, basil, and/or cinnamon can enhance the overall taste without increasing the sodium content and make the flavor of the recipe more cohesive.

Having difficulty chopping some of the more dense vegetables? (I’m looking at you butternut squash!) Opt for purchasing frozen, diced versions of the item instead. Frozen vegetables have the same nutrient value as fresh because they are harvested at peak quality before being frozen. Frozen vegetables don’t need to be thawed prior to roasting. They will require increased cook time or temperature level to fully roast to desired levels. Whether you’re in a rush or are having difficulty chopping through, this is one of my favorite hacks for cooking healthy meals with ease.