Mainely Dish: Kale and White Bean Soup

— By Alex Gayton, Assistant EFNEP Coordinator & Social Media Coordinator, Expanded Food Nutrition and Education Program (EFNEP), University of Maine Cooperative Extension

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We all know that winter in Maine is the perfect time for soup season, and making your own homemade soup is a great way to allow flexibility to meet your preferences based on dietary needs and taste. Need a quick and nutrient-packed meal idea? Try this Kale and White Bean Soup recipe. With only six ingredients this could be your next go-to soup recipe. If you want to make it more hearty, try adding leftover cooked and chopped chicken, turkey, or sweet Italian sausage. The next time I make this I am going to add chicken meatballs, making it similar to an Italian wedding soup. When I eat soup, I always choose to pair it with a side of cheese and crackers or grilled cheese. Consider pairing this soup with this delicious Supreme Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe!

This Kale and White Bean soup recipe is a good option for people who are looking for heart-healthy recipe ideas due to the low saturated fat (0 grams), low sodium (65 milligrams), and high fiber (5 grams) amounts based on a 1 cup serving.

If you have leftover kale from this recipe, read our Mainely Dish: Kale Chip blog for more recipe inspiration and you can refer to the Canning & Freezing Quick-Guide on how to freeze fresh kale.