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Background Checks

The University of Maine is committed to providing a safe environment for teaching, learning and community outreach.

It is the University of Maine’s policy to conduct a background check on all new MGVs and every three years for MGV alumni who have direct responsibility for the care, safety, and security of minors (under 18), the elderly, incapacitated persons, or persons with developmental disabilities who participate in University-sponsored programs. Master Gardener Volunteers’ projects are diverse in scope and there are many occasions where Master Gardener Volunteers do take on this level of responsibility.

The Human Resources Department handles the background check process and staff does not receive a copy of the results. Please be aware that any issues arising for the background check will not necessarily preclude you from participation in the program or being unable to volunteer, but it may impact which projects you are ultimately matched with.

What do I need to do?

  1. Always let your MGV coordinator know well ahead of time when you plan to have direct responsibility for the care, safety and security of minors, the elderly, incapacitated persons or persons with developmental disabilities. If unsure of what that means in relation to your specific project, please discuss with your coordinator.
  2. Wait to be notified by your MGV coordinator about when you will need to complete the background check process.
  3. Submit your information for screening via Verified Credentials. This should take approximately 10 min. Be sure to have the following information handy:  drivers license, social security number, and information about employment and education history.
  4. Notify your MGV coordinator after you have completed the form.

Photo Use Policy

Photos taken by UMaine Extension volunteers at events are owned by the volunteer. The University cannot use a volunteer’s photo without the written permission of the photographer.

In order to give the University permission to use your photo, please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact your MGV Coordinator about the photo(s) you’d like to give the University permission to use. Your MGV Coordinator will need to know the date and location for when the photo was taken and the name(s) of the individuals in the photo.
  2. Your MGV Coordinator will confirm that there are current photo release agreements on file for the individuals in the photo(s). Then, you may email your photo(s) to your Coordinator, using the following format to label your photo(s): lastnamefirstnameyear.
  3. Once your photo(s) are received, your MGV Coordinator will send you a copy of the Copyright License Agreement (PDF) for you to sign.
  4. As stated in the agreement, you will receive one UMaine Extension promotional item in exchange for allowing the University to use your photos. This item can be picked up at your local Extension office, your MGV Coordinator will notify you when it is ready for pick up.

As an UMaine Extension volunteer, you also have the option of assigning the copyright of your photo to the University. If you are interested in this option, please contact you MGV Coordinator.