Leadership Three, ages 16-17

Collaborative Design

We feel one of the greatest accomplishments by Tanglewood’s Leadership graduates was their drive for another (more challenging) level of programming that led to the creation of Leadership 3 back in 2008. Leadership graduates met with camp administration to brainstorm ideas and skills they hoped to learn while staying connected to Tanglewood. Over the years, ongoing program reflection has led to changes based on the experiences and goals of each group. With a focus on skill building, physical and emotional safety, and leadership development, the L3 program continues to provide meaningful experiences that meet the needs of today’s teens.

The Experience

4 hikers stand on a mountain topL3 is for older teens who want to continue to develop their skills in the outdoors while preparing to lead youth.

The program begins with an intensive on community building, mentoring skills, reflection activities, and considering what it takes to be a solid leader. Participants spend time on extensive day hikes (10-12 miles), traveling from camp for adventures to build stamina, practicing LNT skills, trip planning, and group development. The L3s then test their skills on a multi-day trip along the Appalachian Trail and to Baxter State Park, exploring the expansive trails and peaks.

During the final portion of the session, participants develop and explore learned skills in a practical hands-on environment. Time is spent with a leadership mentor, learning new skills, and debriefing the joys and challenges of camp leadership. With new responsibility comes new freedom, allowing time for relaxing and building lasting friendships.

campers at Mount Katahdin

The Commitment

L3 requires responsibility and commitment. It prepares young leaders for future success while providing hands-on experience and life-long memories. Many graduates decide to step up to summer staff in the following years. This is a physically and emotionally demanding program, the rewards and outcomes, however, are great. Graduates find themselves with new ambitions and goals after program completion.

Based on group interest, supplemental program options include wilderness first aid training or basic first aid and CPR training.

Note: Participants are required to write a letter of intent stating personal goals and how this program will benefit their development. Please include your letter with the registration form or email to extension.tanglewood4h@maine.edu. Accommodations can be made if writing is a concern.

Participants will have access to laundry facilities while at camp.

Leadership 3 is a 3-week-long program.

Ages: 16-17            Cost: $2350                FAQs and Packing Lists

Program Dates:

Weeks 2-4: June 30-July 18, 2024