Tanglewood Leadership Programs, ages 14-18

Tanglewood’s Leadership Development Programs don’t just teach you to appreciate nature or how to be a good team member, they model how to succeed as a member of a community. These programs provide lessons in ecology and teach practical outdoor skills, while also allowing you to gain an understanding of communication, decision making, group dynamics, problem-solving, world diversity, and sustainable living.

There are multiple phases to the Leadership Development Program, and while many participants strive to become camp counselors, the skills learned can be applied in many situations throughout life (trust us, living as part of a social community will teach you many skills you’ll need for work, college, trade school, and life beyond).

All Leadership programs are based at our camp in Lincolnville, and campers practice being leaders through participation in outdoor adventures, focused skill-building activities, and being social.

All programs at Tanglewood require participants and staff to “disconnect” from digital devices to be truly present in programming and community needs. Trips take place rain or shine and in all conditions in between (with caution and safety in mind). No two programs are the same and different times of the summer showcase different facets of group process and adventure. Come with an open mind and be ready for whatever may come your way.

Teens today face greater challenges and stressors than we have seen in years. An important facet of leadership success is the development of true “social networks” among young people in real-time, to have peers with shared experiences that you can connect with and find support through outside of camp. Many leadership participants consider these programs some of the most valuable experiences of their lives.

Outdoor Leadership Digital Badges

Your teen can earn a digital badge in Outdoor Leadership by completing our 4-H Camp and Learning Center teen leadership programs!  Digital badges are small, specialized online certifications that show what skills or knowledge someone has gained. In the world of education, when a person completes a course or learning experience and gains those skills, they can earn a digital badge to recognize their accomplishment.

Digital badges are like special stickers that you can collect online.  Just like a sticker, these badges are owned by the person who earns them – but they are sharable.  When you accomplish learning a new skill through our camp programs you can earn these badges.  The badges can help you keep track of the skills you have.  If you earn a level one, they can also help you figure out how to earn a level two and beyond!

To allow your child to earn a digital badge that showcases their skills, please fill out the online form.  If you have questions about the badges please reach out to Laura Wilson, laura.wilson@maine.edu (207) 581-2971.