Leadership Two, ages 15-16

L2 campers running towards Marshall Point Light HouseThe leadership 2 (L2) program opens with revisiting essential skills for a successful 3-week program: canoeing, campsite setup, and communication.

The St. George River

The first trip explores the St. George watershed, traveling along the river by learning about both the natural history and human impacts in this diverse region. By the time they reach Port Clyde, campers have learned a wealth of information from the land, local fishermen, historians, and each other. They additionally gained valuable practical wilderness skills and have seen various leadership techniques in practice.

Check out this link to see the entirety of the Montville to Port Clyde Trip as if you were a drop of water flowing through the watershed.

High Island

The second weekend of the program provides yet another chance for L2s to put their skills to the test. This time it’s a multi-day trip to High Island, near Tenants Harbor, where all the packing and logistics are done by the L2s! In taking charge, they will learn focus, planning, and independence, as well as being able to create a unique and memorable experience, and they will experience the rewards of a trip that’s all their own.

Campers' silhouettes against the sunset

At camp

But that’s not all! Back at camp, L2 continues with more intense and immersed leadership training. Participants lead activities for overnight campers, practice role modeling, hold discussions on diversity, and build on leadership and group skills in advanced team-building workshops. During this time they become a “counselor for a day,” spending 24 hours helping to plan camp activities, sharing cabin duties with counseling staff, and getting a taste of the responsibility that comes with being a counselor.

L2 canoe group photo

One of the final steps of the L2 program is a full-day service project. Whatever the L2 project is, it’s BIG, and whether it’s building a bridge, creating a new trail, or crafting new benches for the campfire circle, the L2 project is always sure to leave a lasting monument to the teamwork and efforts of every group.

“At Tanglewood, my self-confidence, leadership, and faith in myself and others grow in abundance” — leadership camper

Leadership 2 is a 3-week-long program.

Note: L1 participation is not required to be an L2, but we do ask for a written letter or email describing your expectations for the program. What would you like to accomplish or get from your participation in this program? Please include your letter with the registration form or email it to extension.tanglewood4h@maine.edu. Accommodations can be made if writing is a concern.

Ages: 15-16                   Cost: $2,190.00                FAQs & Packing Lists

Program Dates:

Weeks 2-4: July 2-20, 2023