Daily schedule

As much as each day usually follows the same basic schedule, everyone is also packed full of new and exciting things — no two are ever exactly alike! Especially if we’ve planned some kind of special event.

Morning Flow

7:00 AM: Wake up!

7:25 AM: Morning circle. We start our day with the 4-H pledge and Pledge to the Earth, before moving onto offerings to the circle by a couple of cabin groups — songs, games, or whatever the cabins would like to share with camp. Finally, we share any nature appreciation we’ve observed the day before. We wrap the morning circle up with a positive pulse to get us energized!

7:45 AM: Breakfast

8:30 AM Daily To-Dos. Each cabin group works together and contributes to the running of our camp community.

9:00 AM:  Morning focus begins. We stay with the same focus group all week, giving everyone the chance to go a little more in-depth, learning and practicing some new skills or getting stuck into a bigger project. Campers vote for the program they’d like to participate in on Sunday night.

11:00 AM: Morning recreation time includes free choice of swimming, field games, lawn games, hanging out with friends, or indoor games. Counselors are up at the field to play referee for a game of ultimate frisbee; at the waterfront to guard for swimming; in the dining hall to help set out games or write a letter home and on the lawn, which is a great place to be if you just want to talk and hang out.

Noon: Lunchtime

Afternoon Flow

1:00 PM: Siesta. A quieter time in camp is spent together with your cabin group. A great time to read, write letters, play on the lawn, do crafty things, explore the woods a little more, or even take a nap!

2:00 PM: Afternoon Activities! Meet to choose your afternoon activities. Each afternoon there are three blocks of time where campers rotate between two electives and one recreation period. Activity blocks last for one hour and fifteen minutes. We’ll have a snack out at 3:15 to recharge everyone’s energy for the afternoon.

2-4:30 Electives change every day and allow our counselors to get creative in offering different activities. Each period of electives offers many choices, so whether you’re feeling the need to run around, be crafty, go on an adventure, or find out more about the plants and animals – there’s usually something for everyone.

4:30 PM: Afternoon recreation time, just like the morning, except without swimming. An additional recreation activity for the afternoon is the opportunity to spend time on the archery range.

Evening Flow

5:30 PM: Dinner

6:15 PM: Community Gathering, songs & suggestions. Followed by the announcement of what the evening activity will be and dessert.

6:50 PM: Evening program. Mondays traditionally include a game of capture-the-flag and the final evening is a campfire, other evenings can range from adventure nights, counselor hunts, or camp-wide challenges… the possibilities are nearly endless!

8:15 PM: Back to cabins. Quiet time begins for the evening. Cabin groups share stories from their day and maybe have a game of cards before settling down for the night, often accompanied by bedtime stories.