“Will I like the food?” is a question we’re often asked, and an important one, too!

There is always plenty to choose from at our meals, so you should always be able to find something you’ll love. We eat both family-style or buffet, so you can serve yourself and choose what and how much you can eat. This means that if you’re not sure if you’ll like something … you can take a little bit to try it first. Our cooks prepare and serve healthy, home-cooked food. Meals emphasize learning about balanced choices which include protein, grains, vegetables, a large salad bar, and kid-friendly main dishes. When meals offer meat selections as the main dish, we make sure there is a meatless option. In the afternoon we serve fruit, granola bars, or popcorn to snack on.


Every day there’s a selection of cereals, yogurts, bread products to toast, and fruit juice, plus whatever delights our morning cook makes. Some of our usual favorites include pancakes, French toast, eggs, bagels, biscuits, coffee cake, fruit salad, home fries, and oatmeal.

Plus, if it’s cold out, hot cocoa.

Lunch and Dinner

Our menu varies each week. There will always be a main hot dish. As well as the main course, we also serve a huge salad bar filled with everything needed to create your very own perfect salad—and bread or rolls on the tables.

Some example meals include a make-your-own-sandwich bar, burritos or tacos, a baked potato bar, soups, roast chicken or turkey, casseroles, mac & cheese, cookouts with hamburgers and hotdogs, quesadillas, chili, stir-fry, lasagna, and maybe breakfast for dinner (on special days).

After dinner, there are also fresh-baked desserts.

I’m a picky eater or I’m hungry at camp…

We understand that camp is a new and different place for many young folks. Being away from home and home traditions, especially around food is hard. We ask families to talk about eating with their campers before camp, encouraging them to try new things. Camp is a place to gain independence and a great place to develop independence is around choosing food.

If you can’t find anything you like at any meal, please ask your counselor for help. They can work with the kitchen to find something nutritional and filling to eat. If at any time you find yourself hungry, even if it is before bed…we can help you out! Our kitchen has more than enough food for everyone, and sometimes, a bowl of cereal before bed or a piece of toast and jam is just the thing to settle down for sleep.

I’m allergic/intolerant to…

Many campers (and counselors too!) are allergic to different foods and we try our best to accommodate everyone. So whether you can’t eat nuts, milk, eggs, soy, gluten, apples, or anything else, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

Our kitchen also prepares vegan and gluten-free meal choices. If you require a specific diet due to intolerance, allergy, or preference, please call so we can talk through how best to meet your needs.

We’re looking for new ideas!

We are taking your menu/food ideas now so we can get a better understanding of what campers would like to eat. You can send in general ideas, family recipes, or other suggestions. Healthy eating choices and food education are a large part of what our camp programs are about and we strive to find the balance between tasty and healthy meals.

Our cooks can easily increase serving sizes, so don’t worry about how many people your recipe can serve.

Send your ideas via mail or email to Jessica Decke, Director: 1 Tanglewood Road, Lincolnville, ME  04849, or

Thank you!