Waldo County 4-H Newsletter – September 2019

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A Monthly Newsletter for Waldo County 4-H Members and Volunteers

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County News

Waldo County 4-H Leaders’ Association CHANGED

The next Waldo County 4-H Leaders’ Association meeting will be on October 17 at 10:00 am at the County Extension office. Club leaders or group liaisons, please contact Joyce Weaver by email or phone to RSVP.

Additional Dates to Save

October 6-12: National 4-H Week/National Youth Science Day

October 18: 4-H Project Records due in the County office by 4:00 pm

October 18: Achievement Award applications due at County office

New Staff: Sadee Mehuren

Please join us in welcoming Sadee Mehuren, our new 4-H Youth Development Professional. Sadee will work in conjunction with the Waldo County Extension staff, as well as 4-H staff statewide, to develop and implement positive youth development opportunities for 4-H members. She will also work alongside Waldo County 4-H volunteers to coordinate 4-H programming in Waldo County and ensure that the needs of all 4-H members and volunteers are met.

Sadee is a 4-H alum who grew up on an organic dairy farm in Searsmont, Maine. During her time in 4-H she participated in numerous project areas including dairy, beef, sheep, market animals, and multiple national trips. After aging out of 4-H Sadee continued to remain active in the program by serving as a mentor to youth in 4-H livestock projects, being a 4-H volunteer, and serving as a STEM Ambassador for the University of Maine. Sadee graduated from UMaine in May 2019 with a B.S. in Animal Science and a minor in Childhood Development and Family Relations.

New Staff: Yadina Clark

We would also like to welcome Yadina (Dee) Clark to the Waldo County Extension office. As an Administrative Specialist, she supports Extension staff, clients, and program needs including 4-H. Dee completed both an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree and a Master of Fine Arts in Intermedia at the University of Maine. In 2012, she proposed and co-founded Terrell House Permaculture Living & Learning Center, a UMaine sustainability initiative and experiential learning program in Orono.

Project Records

4-H members in Waldo County are encouraged to complete a project record for all projects in which they have participated during the 2019 4-H year.

In order to be considered for recognition at the Waldo County 4-H Recognition Night, 4-H members need to complete a project record form.

Please note, in order to file a project record, you do not need to be finished with your project. We understand that many 4-H projects are ongoing and do not end at the same time as the 4-H year. If you are filing a project record for an ongoing or unfinished project, simply enter the information for your project up to the current date.

This year, the project records are going to be divided into the four levels listed below. If you are unsure of what level of project record to complete, please call the Waldo County Extension office.

Project records are due at the Waldo County Extension office by 4:00 pm on October 18th. Before turning in your project records to the county office, be sure to have your 4-H club leader or enrolled volunteer score them.

The project record forms as well as the evaluation forms and instructions can be found at extension.umaine.edu/4h/volunteers/project-records/.

Cloverbud: This record is appropriate to use with 4-H members who are between the ages of 5 and 8 years old. This record is meant as an entry into project records; this is a good introduction to the process without being overwhelming.

Beginner: This record is appropriate to use with 4-H members who have not previously completed a project record and are at least 9 years old. This record is meant as an entry into project records regardless of age; this is a good introduction to the process without being overwhelming.

Intermediate: This record is appropriate to use with 4-H members who have previously completed the Beginner Record for at least one year, and are at least 9 years old. This record should be used prior to the Advanced Record, regardless of age or level in project. A member should use the Beginner record sheet until they are proficient or distinguished in most categories of the Beginner record. We want 4-H members to be successful and build their skills, then move on to the next level.

Advanced: This record is appropriate to use with 4-H members who have previously completed the Intermediate record for at least one year, have demonstrated themselves to be proficient or distinguished in most of the Intermediate Record level, and are at least 12 years old. The hope is that by completing the Intermediate record, the 4-H member has built those skills and has become confident to challenge themselves with the Advanced Record.

Fall Club Informational Meetings

Poster template: extension.umaine.edu/waldo/4h/forms/

4-H Club Information Meetings happen once or twice in a year. All 4-H Clubs are required to post flyers in community public places announcing these meetings for families to visit and learn about local 4-H opportunities and club programs. Parents/Guardians must attend club information meetings with their children or teens. Holding 4-H Club Informational Meetings helps Extension staff and volunteers are meeting Civil Rights obligations notifying the public about our outreach education programs and that programs are accessible for all.

Waldo County 4-H Achievement Award

This year the Waldo County 4-H Leaders’ Association will be presenting 4-H Achievement Awards at Waldo County 4-H Recognition Night. The Waldo County 4-H Achievement Award was designed to recognize high achieving 4-H’ers in Waldo County who demonstrate outstanding project work, club participation, community action, personal engagement, and leadership. In order to be eligible for the award youth must meet the following three criteria:

  1. Be enrolled in Waldo County 4-H during the 2019 4-H year.
  2. Have a minimum of 80% club event attendance.
  3. Submit a 2019 4-H Project Record and Achievement Award application (including a 4-H portfolio).

Awards will be given in two age divisions: youth (4-H age 9-13) and senior (4-H age 14-18).

Categories for achievement awards will be based on project area. The three project area categories are: Youth in Community Action, STEM, and Healthy Lifestyles.

To apply for the Waldo County 4-H Achievement Award an application including a 4-H portfolio cover page,

4-H resume, and 4-H story will need to be submitted to the Waldo County Cooperative Extension office before 4:00 pm on October 18th. The applications can be obtained by contacting the Waldo County Cooperative Extension office or visiting: extension.umaine.edu/waldo/4h/achievement-award/.

Please contact the Waldo County Cooperative Extension office with any questions.

The New 4-H Year Means…

Submitting for County 4-H Recognition

4-H Club members and independent 4-H youth are encouraged to submit project records for county 4-H recognition. Project Records are due October 18th by 4 PM.

It’s time to re-enroll 4-H members and 4-H volunteers!

Enrollment packets are with your 4-H leaders and advisors. If 4-H clubs, groups or families have not received re-enrollment packets, please contact your 4-H leader or advisor. ALL enrollment packets are due Monday, December 31st.

Renewing members and clubs are expected to re-enroll between October 1 and December 31 each year. New members may enroll at any time. However, both new and re-enrolling members must be enrolled by December 31 to participate in events and activities such as, but not limited to, state-wide market animal auctions, Eastern States Exposition competitions, National 4-H Congress, National 4-H Conference, and to be eligible for 4-H post-secondary scholarships.



For Animal Science Resources, please visit:


For Project Records information and forms, please visit:


County Club News

The Born to Ride girls all went to Tea-Bri-Lee Farm for a day of clinics. The Born to Ride group also gathered the week of August 16 for a week loaded with clinics, riding, and a campout. Photos by Laura Bissell.

State News

Eastern States Exposition (The Big E)

Engaging Youth Learning Through Educational Trip Experiences

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H Program with support from our Maine 4-H Foundation makes an annual commitment making educational trip experiences possible for 4-H youth.

This September is an exciting time for many 4-H Youth who will travel to West Springfield, Massachusetts to the Eastern States Exposition. If you are participating in the Eastern States Exposition, please help us share your experience. How? Write a short paragraph about your educational experience. High quality photos can be submitted too. Be sure to include what the activity is, names of people in the photo and what the experience meant to you. Note: To use your photos, please complete agreement forms.

Families come visit The Maine Building at “The Big E”

The State of Maine Building is an exhibition and trades display venue showcasing the best of Maine to more than 850,000 visitors annually who attend “The Big E.” The building is located on the grounds of Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts on the Expo’s Avenue of New England States.

The Agricultural Resource and Development Division of MDACF operates and maintains the building for the purpose of ‘exhibiting, publicizing and advertising Maine’s products and resources in agriculture, industry, fisheries, forests, wildlife and recreation.’ The State of Maine has participated in this exciting display of New England traditions since 1925.

Maine 4-H Demonstration Team: Looking for youth to join!

Maine 4-H is going to The Big E in West Springfield MA! Sign up now to join the New England Center Demonstration Team. Youth will work in teams demonstrating STEM activities and 4-H projects. Join our group now and help show fair goers what Maine 4-H is all about!

Travel dates are September 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. A $25.00 registration fee includes travel by coach bus to and from The Big E, meals while at The Big E and two nights lodging in the Moses Dormitory on the fairgrounds. If youth need financial assistance to participate, please contact your county Extension Office.

Top finishers in the Maine 4-H Public Speaking Tournament, who earned a spot on the Maine 4-H Communications Science Team will be traveling with us and presenting from the New England Center Stage.

Participants will need money to purchase meals on the bus ride down and back along with any spending money you wish to bring for your stay at the fair. There is a lot to do and see at The Big E Fair (www.thebige.com) that is free of cost!

This travel opportunity is open to youth ages twelve and older. Register and pay online before August 15th at extension.umaine. edu/4h/annual-events/big-e/.

For more information contact Becky Mosley at rebecca.mosley@maine.edu or 207-743-6329.

For questions pertaining to the Maine 4-H Communications Science Team, please contact Sheila at sheila.norman@maine.edu. Adult volunteers must be trained and enrolled Maine 4-H Volunteers to chaperone. If you are interested in chaperoning, please contact Becky Mosley.

New England 4-H Horse Education Poster Contest

4-H members and their horses are on display for the public at The New England 4-H Horse Program Activity at Eastern States Exposition. Most of those who go through the horse barn and watch the 4-H horse show are not knowledgeable about horses or safety around them. They often put themselves, their children, 4-H members and horses in potentially dangerous situations because of lack of knowledge.

Purpose: To educate the public about safety around horses and general horse knowledge.

How: A Horse Safety/General Horse Knowledge Poster Display in the horse barn.

Who: Any 4-H member is invited to submit a poster for the contest.

When: Posters must be at the Androscoggin/Sagadahoc Counties office or with an Eastern States Horse Team Member by Friday, Sept 13, so the posters can be transported to ESE for judging.

What: The poster may illustrate any aspect of Equine education or general horse safety. It can be a drawing, a cartoon, a collage, printed instructions, etc. The poster must be a minimum of 11″ x 14″ in size, or a maximum of 22″ x 28″ and should be readable at 30′. THIS POSTER SHOULD BE YOUR OWN WORK. Check with your 4-H extension office for tips on making posters and/or further information.

Divisions for posters: 5-8yrs (Novice), 9-13yrs (Juniors) and 14 to 19yrs (Seniors) Each division will be judged separately All posters will be displayed in the 4-H Horse barn during the 4-H Horse Activity at The Big E.

For entry forms please contact Kristy Ouellette in the Androscoggin/Sagadahoc office at kristy.ouellette@maine.edu.

Family Programs, Family Fun

Pollinator Plantings workshop is Sept. 20, 2019

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension Oxford County, Oxford County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation will host a workshop; “Succeeding with Pollinator Plantings: the Bees, the Bugs and the Basics,” Friday September 20, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Hooker Family Farm, 195 Pleasant St., Oxford.

Learn about the pollinators and beneficial insects helping to make our food systems work. Eric Venturini of the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation will cover the basics of who is who in the pollinator world, why we should care, and the status of these insects. Participants will learn about basic management strategies from the easy to the hard that can help pollinators, including how to successfully establish those tricky wildflower meadows. If the weather is amenable, participants will have the opportunity to catch live native bees, try to identify them, and learn about the species that were collected.

The program fee is $10/family. To register, for more information, or to request a reasonable accommodation, contact Jean Federico at the Oxford County Soil and Water Conservation District: 207.744.3119; oxfordcountyswcd@gmail.com (email preferred).

— Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

Professional Development Opportunities

Welcome Youth Development Educators, Staff, Community Groups and Volunteers! Through the University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development Program and through partnerships with Community Organizations, we proudly announce upcoming professional development opportunities. We welcome caring adults who would like to volunteer in their community, teachers/professors, afterschool program staff, homeschool groups, 4-H volunteers and other youth development program providers to the following professional development opportunities (trainings/workshops).

Continuing Education Units [CEUs] for 4-H Volunteer Training

Continuing Education Units can be obtained for participants who attend in-person volunteer trainings. Extension staff can apply for the Continuing Education Unit credits as the sponsor of the educational activity or instruction through UMaine Conference Services (umaine.edu/conferences/ceu-programs).

Please contact your county 4-H program staff, if you are interested in earning CEUs.

2019 National Youth Science Day Training – University of Maine 4-H Science Team

Plans are shaping up for our 4-H National Youth Science Day in Maine. This year’s experiment is “Game Changers” and is based in computer science. No prior experience with computer science is needed – we promise! Here are some things you may be interested to know.

Trainings and Events

  • Save the date: Train the-Trainer will be offered via Zoom on October 1st. Times are either 2:00-3:30 or 7:00-8:30. This training is open to Extension staff, volunteers, teen leaders, and community partners interested in leading the ‘Code Your World’ experiment. RSVP here: forms.gle/kJ6r4rXNTZokbrAp7.
  • Leading this experiment could be a fit for teens. Our Maine 4-H Science Professional would be happy to do some training with teen groups.
  • If you have 10 or more volunteers (or teens) interested in an in-person training, our Maine 4-H Science Professionals are willing to travel to you. Please contact your county Extension 4-H program staff.

You may order kits ($10 for enrolled volunteers or $30 for non-enrolled volunteers) or contact your county Extension 4-H Program to see if kits are available through a county 4-H Lending Library.

Cumberland Fair 4-H Dog & Rabbit Shows Open to All Maine 4-H’ers

The Cumberland Fair 4-H Dog Show will be held Friday, September 27, 3:30pm at the Cumberland Fairgrounds, 197 Blanchard Rd, Cumberland, Maine 04062 (Directions). This show is open to all Maine 4-H members between the ages of 9 to 18, enrolled in the 4-H Dog Project as of April 1, regardless of prior show experience. Showmanship (Novice through Advanced) and Obedience (Pre-Novice though Graduate Novice) are the primary award-winning classes. There will also be a fun, non-competitive obstacle class. All classes are judged using the Danish System and all award winning classes come with a ribbon and premium.

The Cumberland Fair 4-H Rabbit Show will be held Saturday, September 28, 9:00am at the Cumberland Fairgrounds. This show is open to all Maine 4-H members between the ages of 5 to 18, enrolled in the 4-H Rabbit Project as of April 1, regardless of prior show experience. Showmanship classes for Cloverbuds (demonstration only), Juniors, Intermediates, and Seniors will be offered.

For more information about either show, visit the Cumberland Fair 4-H Information page. Questions, please contact Sara Conant at sara.conant@maine.edu or 207.781.6099.