Mummy berry report for April 12, 2022 – Plants and Mummy berry are progressing

Midcoast region

Mummy berry pinheads (the stage before cups) were seen in Searsport and Waldoboro and a cup was found in Waldoboro.  Other mummy berry plots checked in Hope, Warren and West Rockport had no germination or only a stipe.   Plants are progressing and some of the early developing buds are at F2 (crown stage also called T2) but most are still at F1 stage (please see pictures below or on the “Phenology guide” availalble on the Blueberry cooperative extension website (   Please check your field for how your stems are progressing.   Once approximately 30 to 40% of your stems are at F2 stage then your plants will have enough exposed tissue to become infected.  If mummy berry cups are present in your field and wet weather is forecast then protectant fungicide applications warranted.

Downeast region

Stipes were found in Eastbrook and pinheads in Whiting/East Machias  but mummy berry plots at other locations, Ellsworth/Hancock, Deblois, Steuben, Montegail Pond, Crawford and Blueberry Hill Farm (BBHF) in Jonesboro did not show any development yet.  The plants are moving into F1 and only a few F2 buds were seen in early developing clones.

Please check your plants and mummy berry plots and let me know how they are developing.  Seanna Annis

Blueberry stems showing flower buds at F1 stage, swollen but bud scales are still separating
Blueberry stems showing flower buds at F2 (top) and F1 (bottom).
Picture of mummy berry cups showing small pinheads, immature cups and mature cups that would be producing spores.
Pictures of mummy berry pinheads (left), immature, partially open cups (middle picture) and mature cups that would be producing infective spores (right).