Mountain Scramblers (ages 10-13)

Camper climbing tree ladder to zip line

As a Mountain Scrambler, be prepared for a high energy adventurous week of survival skills, hiking, and personal challenge! Begin your week working with your group to build a team and work on some modern day survival skills such as fire building, shelter building, and navigation, that will be useful when you adventure into the woods. Once you have mastered some skills, let’s hit the trail and explore the hills and mountains of Western Maine.

(Note: Due to COVID and transportation limitations, this program may not include traveling, and will remain on site.)

Ages: 10-13

Program Dates:
Week #1 6/25/23-6/30/2023 (Session is Full, waiting list is available)

Cost: $675.00

Register Online

What to bring list: WTB Site Based Overnight