The Conservation Education programs are a pinnacle at Bryant Pond. With our partnership with Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, we have had the opportunity to put hundreds of youth through these programs every year. In Maine, and the majority of other states, youth are required to have successfully completed these programs to be able to participate in the available hunting seasons after they turn 16 years of age. The benefit of taking these programs in our camp setting is that each youth will be able to immerse themselves into nature and get hands-on learning opportunities. These opportunities will result in a greater appreciation for the outdoors and conservation efforts as well as develop an understanding of safe practices and making responsible choices. 


Summer Camp Programs:

Conservation Education:
Hunter Safety Firearms
Hunter Safety Archery
Hunter Safety Firearms W/ATV

Boater Education:
Natural Explorer
Fishing Camp 

camper shooting archery at target
camper on dock with fishing pole