At a remote campsite called “Split Rock,” nestled among the beech and hemlocks, our Wilderness Survival programs take place. These programs formerly known as our primitive path, immerse young people into a world of self-reliance, personal growth, and preparedness for facing the challenges of living and exploring wild places. Removed from the hustle and schedules of everyday life, Wilderness Survival campers find a sense of calmness and balance with the natural world that surrounds them. Based on the “Order of Survival,” each day is spent engaging in skills and community building at age appropriate levels, focused on Fire, Shelter, Food, Water, and Attitude.

Throughout each program, we typically see a transformation in mindset and a gain of self-confidence and appreciation for the natural world. Imagine the enjoyment of waking up to the sound of birdsong in a comfortable, dry shelter you built from natural materials the previous day! Working together, your small group of peers and field teachers begin to thrive and make lasting friendships as you rely on each other. Various skills include making fire with primitive tools such as a bow drill, foraging for wild edibles, identifying signs of wildlife, and building various forms of simple survival shelters. See each program description for the progression of skills and activities.

Camper in debris shelter