Hunter Safety- Archery (ages 10-13)

campers practice their archery skills

Hunter Safety Archery is for the youth that is ready for a challenge. Being a successful bowhunter takes patience, skill, and knowledge in the woods. Through our friendly, knowledgeable staff, each youth will receive hands-on skills around survival, first aid, map and compass, and archery. There will also be lessons on camouflage, treestands, shot placement, and Landowner Relations. Youth will also be able to enjoy more camp activities including swimming, hiking, and paddling skills.

On top of all that, youth will also be able to participate in the Hunter Safety Crossbow course, a growing sport within the state that shares many of the same lessons in the archery course. Each successful participant will earn their Maine Archery Safety Certificate and Crossbow Safety Certificate that is good for life. 

Similar to the Hunter Safety Firearm course, all youth that wants to participate in the archery hunting season are required to successfully complete an archery course to obtain their license at the age of 16. Youth interested in hunting with a crossbow in the state of Maine are required to have successfully completed a crossbow safety course and show proof of having completed a Hunter Safety Archery or a Hunter Safety Firearm course.

In cooperation with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Ages: 10-13

Program Dates:
Week #4 7/16/23-7/21/23 (Session Full)
Week #8 8/13/23-8/18/23 (Session Full)

Cost: $675.00

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What to bring list:  WTB Site Based Overnight

Because The University of Maine defines firearms and archery equipment as weapons and has a strict weapons policy for the safety of all, and for liability and insurance reasons, camp program participants are asked not to bring their personal shooting sports equipment to Bryant Pond 4-H Camp & Learning Center without prior authorization from the Camp Director or the Maine 4-H Shooting Sports Program Coordinator. The 4-H Shooting Sports instruction team at Bryant Pond is very familiar with the wide variety of equipment here, and competently provide complete instruction in the shooting sports discipline programs that we offer.