Junior Maine Guide (4 wks) (ages 15-18)

JMG Participants

Since 2001 we have offered the Junior Maine Guide Program to a select group of young outdoors people. JMG is the highest achievement of our Woodscraft Path and is recognized by the Commissioner of the Department of Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. The Junior Maine Guide program at Bryant Pond is a demanding training course that prepares students to excel at the Maine State JMG testing encampment. Hard work, balanced with fun and excitement!

To pass the test, candidates must demonstrate competency in outdoor skills and knowledge including canoeing, shelter and fire building, map and compass, map of Maine, first aid, backcountry cooking, tree identification, and more.

Our program is a field-based course designed to allow the natural leadership from within to be cultivated and grow within your group. Candidates will plan multi-day canoe and backpack trips, where their skills are applied through real outdoor challenges.  

(Please note: Travel restrictions due to COVID may prohibit canoe or backpacking trips. Encampment week: We are currently coordinating bussing to encampment for testing week. This is subject to change.) 

Each year, our JMG’s form a unique bond, having spent almost a month together. Lifelong friendships have been gained, and many return to Bryant Pond as future counselors.

Set yourself apart from the crowd and earn the right to wear the Junior Maine Guide patch! Due to the popularity of this program, space is limited. Call or email for more information. 

Areas of Evaluation

MAJORS: Axemanship, Canoeing, Individual Shelter, Individual Fireplace, Topographic Map, Map of Area, Map of Maine, Trip Equipment, First Aid, Cooking, Group Encampment

MINORS: Maine Issues, Wet Day Fire, Trees ID, Hiking/Backing, Equipment Knowledge, Environmental Concerns, Leave No Trace, Wilderness Regulations, General Knowledge, Wildlife ID.

“Over the past 3 years I have prepared and wanted to become a JMG” — Summer Camper

Ages: 15-18

Program Dates:
Session Runs Week #2 through Week #5  7/2/23-7/28/2023 (Session is full, waiting list is available).

Cost: $3420.00

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What to bring list:  WTB Junior Maine Guide