Bean and veggie wrap cut in half with vegetables in the background

Mainely Dish Recipe Video: Wraps Your Way

Need a quick lunch or dinner idea? Make your own wrap! All you need is your favorite dressing, cheese, vegetables, protein, and a wrap. To make this a complete MyPlate meal, add a serving of fruit on the side. Fruit can be fresh, frozen, or canned in 100% juice. My favorite canned fruit is pears […]

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Honey-Sweetened Lemonade in mason jar with sliced lemon

Mainely Dish Recipe Video: Honey-Sweetened Lemonade

I love quick and simple recipes, and this one only has 3 ingredients: lemon juice, water, and honey! You can create your own flavored lemonade by adding mint after blending or by adding your favorite fresh or frozen fruit like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or sliced peaches into the lemonade mixture before or after blending. I […]

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Zucchini Bread sliced on a cutting board

Mainely Dish Recipe Video: Zucchini Bread

Zucchini is here and ready to stay for the summer! Whether you are buying zucchini from the grocery store, the farmers market, or growing it yourself, I think we are all going to need recipe ideas to use this delicious squash. Growing up, my mom always made baked goods with zucchini so I never thought […]

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Picture of Black Bean Burgers

Mainely Dish Recipe Video: Black Bean Burgers

This is a must-try burger recipe whether you eat meat or not! I have attempted cooking homemade bean burgers before but for some reason, they wouldn’t stick together and I ultimately ended up eating burger patty crumbles. This black bean burger recipe only has 6 ingredients and easy-to-follow directions. It’s important that you follow the […]

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Healthy diet vegan food, veggie protein sources: Tofu, vegan milk, beans, lentils, nuts, soy milk, spinach and seeds. Top view on white table.

Where Do You Get Your Protein? A Helpful Guide To Plant-Based Protein Options

Are you curious about incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet but worried about not getting enough protein throughout the day? There are plenty of healthy, affordable, sustainable, and delicious plant-based protein options. Whether it’s plant-based protein options such as tofu, tempeh, seitan, legumes, nuts, seeds, or quinoa, there are plenty of plant-based protein options […]

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Oatmeal, Strawberry, Banana Smoothie

Mainely Dish Recipe Video: Oatmeal, Strawberry, Banana Smoothie

With only 6 simple ingredients this is a delicious and refreshing smoothie recipe to keep on hand this summer. I love to use frozen fruit in smoothies because it makes the smoothie cold and helps thicken it to a perfect consistency. Depending on your smoothie flavor, fresh, canned, frozen, or a combination of all fruit […]

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Black Bean Hummus served on a plate with veggies, pretzels, and crackers

Mainely Dish Recipe Video: Black Bean Hummus

This black bean hummus is a great filling snack, with 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein per serving. Try pairing it with pita bread, whole grain crackers, pretzels, or sliced vegetables. This hummus recipe has a sweet peanut butter twist! Not a peanut butter fan? You can replace the peanut butter with […]

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Cardboard carton of eggs with 8 white eggs

Extra Eggs? Pickle Them

My husband didn’t seem that excited last fall when I brought home 6 chicks as an anniversary gift for him. His attitude has changed a lot now that he is enjoying fresh eggs for breakfast, and his personal favorite is a pickled egg! I wish I could say that I’ve come to enjoy his anniversary […]

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Berry Good Pops

Mainely Dish Recipe Video: Berry Good Pops

The days are warming up and summer is right around the corner. Try these nutritious homemade berry popsicles that are only 3 ingredients! I love this recipe because you can change the flavors based on your taste preference. I used frozen mixed berries, cranberry raspberry 100% juice, and my favorite non-fat vanilla yogurt. Use Greek […]

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Mainely Dish Recipe Video: Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a French stewed vegetable dish, it is simple and delicious! This dish can be eaten as a side or as a main dish. I recommend pairing it with a whole grain such as whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, or quinoa. I actually paired mine with red lentil pasta for additional protein and sprinkled parmesan […]

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