(Lesson 3. Fencing Systems continued)

  • Appendix A: Permanent Fencing Costs for Cattle and Sheep, M.V. Rudstrom, West Central Research and Outreach Center
  • Appendix B: A Stronger Brace: It’s Less Expensive and Easier to Build, Too!
  • Appendix C: 20 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Good Electric Fence, Wayne Burleson, Range Management Consultant, Absarokee, Montana
  • Appendix D: Fencing Vendors
  • Appendix E: Farm Fences: Planning, Construction, and Cost

Additional References

  • Mayer, Ralph, Extension Farm Management Specialist, Estimated costs for livestock fencing, Iowa State University Extension, FM 1855, Feb. 1999.
  • Selders, Arthur, McAninch, Jay; High-Tensile Wire Fencing,  NRAES — 11, Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service, Ithaca, NY, 1987.

Adapted by Ken Andries and Gary Anderson from Fencing Systems — Lesson 3,  University of Minnesota Beef Education Series: Pasture Management Home Study Course

  • Robert F. Padula, Minnesota Extension Educator — Livestock Systems
  • William A. Head, Sheep Scientist, West Central Research and Outreach Center

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