Learn With Us

woman using a clipboard working with a farmer

Are you looking for a training opportunity that is led by a mentor or expert in the field?

An expert from an accredited, research-based, and trusted organization, institution, or government entity?

Do you do well when learning with others in a classroom, or similar, environment, a space where you can build connections with others that will last beyond the duration of the course?

You can find just what you are looking for in a learning experience by visiting either the Quick Links or At a Glance section to discover more about the offerings available to you to “learn with us.”

Who is the “Us” in “Learn With Us”?

Quick Links: View by Category

We’ve gathered resources from various programming areas for you to review to begin your journey of “learning with us.”

Learn With Us: At-a-Glance

The following resources are just a sampling of over thirty-five offerings that we have available for you to review.

  • By clicking on the title, you’ll access a post with pertinent details about the resource.
  • If you click on the organization’s name beneath the resource, you’ll see all of the training opportunities that the organization offers.
  • Clicking the link “More” in the lower right-hand corner will allow you to view all “Learn With Us” resources.

The "Us" in "Learn With Us"

The following list of organizations, programming areas, educational institutions, degree programs, and Maine state government entities are represented in our list of training opportunity resources… opportunities that allow you to “learn with us.” Click the link to view their website for more information.