April 7, 2020 Small Fruit (part 2) and Good Agricultural Practices

Please continue to send your gardening stories and photos. I really enjoyed sharing your updates. Forgive me if I missed anything you’ve sent to me and be sure to send me a gentle reminder if that’s the case. I realized after the fact that I missed sharing a fun photo and anecdote from Margaret, so I’ll save that for next time and hope to add some more updates from others.
Below are links to the recordings for all of the sessions. These are intended for Master Gardener use only. Please do not share these links without permission. I’ll send separate emails with the presentation files soon.

Please take time to carefully read at least 4 of the following resources (your choice) and quickly scroll through all of the others.

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Topic: Orientation and Seed Starting
Topic: Entomology and Botany
Topic: Small Fruits (part 1)
Topic: Pesticide Safety
Topic: Soils
Topic: Sustainable Landscape Design
Topic: Small Fruits (part 2) and Good Agricultural Practices