April 21, 2020 Tree Fruits

Hi Master Gardener friends!!

Once again, I’m ever so grateful for your continued engagement. Here’s a great book on pruning for those interested in diving deeper into the topic. http://www.leereich.com/books (The Pruning Book)
I snuck into the office today to present a Garden Chat on succession planting today. It was great to see a few of you in the audience. Please consider joining these in the future (Mon 9am, Wed 12pm, Thurs 6pm). I’m also here prepping your handouts for next Tuesday. They should be arriving a little sooner this week.
I wasn’t able to do one-on-one check in meetings with folks last week and this week, but here are a few times next week when I hope to connect with some of you. The scheduling poll is set up to only allow one person to choose a time slot. If all time slots are taken, please wait for the next opportunity. I don’t count on the meetings lasting for a full hour, but want to block out plenty of time if you need to chat longer. It has been fun connecting with you more directly and I look forward to seeing more of you one-on-one soon.
Please read the following bulletins
View the following videos
I will copy all of you in an email that I’ll send to the larger Master Gardener group in the next day or so with other miscellaneous announcements.
Take care,