Photo Collection

Photos of Insects found on Maine Cranberry Beds to Help with Identification

Color Photos (formatted for one standard piece of paper for easy printing and viewing): Maine Cranberry Insect Photos (pdf) | Maine Cranberry Insect Photos (MS Word)

Maine Cranberry Insect Pests:

For more information and additional photos of most of the pests pictured above, visit the individual page for each pest that is of interest to you: Cranberry Tipworm || Cranberry Fruitworm || False Armyworm || Blackheaded Fireworm || Hill Fireworm || Humped Green Fruitworm || Gypsy Moth || Cranberry Weevil || Cranberry Blossomworm || Red-headed Flea Beetle || Spanworms (green spanworm, horned spanworm, chainspotted geometer, etc.)

Beneficials (some representative examples):

Curiosities (cause very little or no harm at all to cranberries, but are sometimes encountered on the beds):

Photos by Charles Armstrong