Photo Collection

Photos of Insects found on Maine Cranberry Beds to Help with Identification

Color Photos (formatted for one standard piece of paper for easier printing and viewing, or when you’re without any mobile devices or can’t get online): Maine Cranberry Insect Photos (pdf) | Maine Cranberry Insect Photos (MS Word)

Maine Cranberry Insect Pests:

For more information and additional photos of most of the pests pictured above, visit the individual page for each pest that is of interest to you: Cranberry Tipworm || Cranberry Fruitworm || False Armyworm || Blackheaded Fireworm || Hill Fireworm || Humped Green Fruitworm || Spongy Moth || Cranberry Weevil || Cranberry Blossomworm || Red-headed Flea Beetle || Spanworms (green spanworm, horned spanworm, chainspotted geometer, etc.)

Beneficials (some representative examples):

Curiosities (cause very little or no harm at all to cranberries, but are sometimes encountered on the beds):

Photos by Charles Armstrong