Mainely Dish: Peanut Butter Balls

Looking for a fun, kid-friendly snack? These peanut butter balls are the perfect way to introduce children to cooking and food safety. With only four ingredients (peanut butter, honey, cereal, and non-fat dry milk powder), this filling snack will be sure to satisfy all ages. Allergic to peanuts? No need to worry, any nut or seed butter can be substituted for peanut butter. This recipe is hands-on, so it’s important to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds in warm water with hand soap prior to getting started. Once these snacks are rolled in cereal, place them in the refrigerator to chill. Milk and milk products require refrigeration (with a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit) to avoid bacteria growth, which can cause food borne illness.

Choosing Plant-Based Proteins:

Did you know you can get protein from plant-based sources? This peanut butter snack contains three grams of protein per serving. Other examples of plant-based protein sources are: nuts, legumes, seeds, beans, tofu, alternative meats and tempeh. Choosing plant-based proteins over animal proteins can have multiple benefits such as:

  • Helping you lower your saturated fat and cholesterol intake.
  • Reducing your food costs. Generally, plant-based sources of protein, such as beans and legumes, are cheaper than animal sources.
  • Helping you increase your fiber intake for normal digestion.

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By Kayla Parsons, MS, LD, Ph.D. Student in Food & Nutrition Sciences