Web Standards

Please note: University of Maine Cooperative Extension web office has the authority to review and delete any material on the website without notification if policies are not met.

You must be a current University of Maine Cooperative Extension employee — not a volunteer, retiree, or 4-H member — to create and maintain official web pages or social media for UMaine Extension.

Only current UMaine Extension employees may set up and maintain official University of Maine Cooperative Extension web pages and online groups created with social media tools. Volunteers, club members, retirees, alumnus — either individually or as part of a committee — are welcome to participate in online groups created and maintained by UMaine Extension staff. They are also welcome to suggest content for web pages/online groups that are maintained by staff. However, to help protect UMaine Extension and its employees from potential lawsuits, UMaine Extension will not provide support to non-employees who want to create or maintain websites and social media groups for Extension.

UMaine Extension web pages and social media must meet certain standards, which are outlined below and are based in part upon UMaine Policies and Guidelines. Web and social media content is subject to University of Maine policies regarding harassment and discrimination (UMaine Harassment and Violence Policy and Procedures; Equal Opportunity Policy).