“How To” Tips for UMaine Extension Web Managers

New employees are required to receive basic content management system (CMS) training before gaining access to Extension’s websites. Contact Michelle Snowden at michelle.snowden@maine.edu to schedule a date and time.

Existing web managers, contact Michelle Snowden at michelle.snowden@maine.edu if you need access to additional websites or have questions about WordPress’s more advanced features.

Tip Sheets (CMS)

  1. 12 best practices for UMaine Extension web managers
  2. How to prepare images for the web
  3. How to create Anchor Links
  4. How to embed a Google Map into a web page
  5. How to upload a PDF or Word Docs as a Resource
  6. How to create a staff directory page using the People feature
  7. How to create an interactive map using UMaine Maps
  8. How to create a simple interactive form using the Forms feature*
  9. How to create a sidebar on a page using various Widgets**
  10. How to create a navigation menu, using Menus, to be used in a sidebar widget**
  11. How to make ADA compliant Tables in WordPress

*Requires Forms Editor privileges
**Requires Administrative privileges