Mainely Dish: Low-Fat Lemon Yogurt Muffins

Happy Spring! Nothing goes better with warm weather than the taste of lemon. There is something about that uniquely sour, yet refreshing taste that always brings me back to being a kid living in rural Maine; ready to set foot on an outdoor adventure to celebrate the first warm day of the year. As adults, we can still embrace that tiny sense of adventure by incorporating our favorite flavors into new recipes. I highly recommend trying Mainely Dish’s low-fat lemon yogurt muffin recipe.

Not a muffin person? No worries, Mainely Dish has lots of lemon-infused recipes to choose from below. UMaine’s Extension’s  Spoonful Team would love to see our recipes come to life. We encourage you to tag us on social media (@MaineEFNEP on Facebook and @umaine_efnep on Instagram) with all of your creations.

Visit our recipe website for the low-fat lemon yogurt muffin recipe and recipe video.

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By Kayla Parsons, MS, LD, Ph.D. Student in Food & Nutrition Sciences