Ixodes gregsoni

Scientific Name: Ixodes gregsoni

Common Name: None

Description: Adult females are typically a tan to rust color and less than 1/8 inch in length. When engorged they tend to be longer and narrower than other engorged Ixodes species.

Habitat/Range: Ixodes gregsoni is a recently discovered tick species, first described in 1998 in Ontario and eastern Canada. It was first found in Maine in 2003. It has only been detected while attached to its wildlife hosts.

Life Cycle/Hosts: Ixodes gregsoni is primarily found on members of the weasel family, including mink, weasels, and fishers, though it has also been found on domestic cats. Due to its recent discovery, the life cycle of this tick has not been thoroughly studied.

Medical/Veterinary Importance: The status of Ixodes gregsoni as a disease vector is currently unknown.