Photo showing several branching stems of a sprawling weed called CarpetweedFamily: Molluginaceae (The Carpetweed Family)

Genus: Mollugo | Species: verticillata L.

Description: Grows very low to the ground and has small, white flowers on short stalks originating from the axils of the leaves. The leaves are 1/2-1″ long and are arranged in whorls of 5 or 6, usually resting upon the surface of the ground. The leaf blades are slightly wider towards the tips. Carpetweeds, as their name implies, quickly ‘carpet’ newly cultivated ground and are distributed from coast to coast in the U.S. [summer annual]

Habitat: roadsides, cultivated ground, sandy places;

In Bloom: July – November

Another photo of a carpetweed (closer view of one of the horizontal branches)