Hairy Willowweed / Willowherb

A willowweed viewed from above showing two terminal flowers that are bloomingFamily: Onagraceae (The Evening Primrose Family)

Genus: Epilobium | Species: hirsutum

Description: Sometimes called small-flowered willowherb; Members in the entire group are also called willowherb rather than willowweed; Very much resembles common speedwell and northern willowherb. It has branching, hairy stems and its tiny, pale pink flowers are borne on the ends of leafless stalks or bracts arising from the main stem and in the axils of the upper leaves. The flowers–4 petals each–have distinctive notches on them. [perennial herb]

Habitat: Waste places, roadsides, meadows;

In Bloom: July – August in Maine

Photo of a Hairy Willowweed plant; also called hairy willowherb A hairy willowweed with flowers and placed beside a U.S. dime for scale purposes